Facing bricks

The system is integrated into the existing production line and is configured for multi-shift operation. The facade slab is centered, guided at an angle to the sawing units by means of a cam conveyor chain and clamped firmly during the sawing process by two pressure units acting from above.  The length is calibrated and sawn from above and below. A variety of special cuts can be performed on this system, including mitres and rabbets. The special cooling water guide system and a robust saw blade mount ensure high feed speeds and long service life.

Fassadenplatten - Anlagen / Beton

Die Anlagen für zementgebundene Plattenformate bestehen aus Extruder, Transportanlagen, Palettierung, Be- und Entladung, Lagerung, Produktverfolgung, Oberflächenbearbeitung und  Aufteilanlagen mit mehreren Sägen um gerade Platten, aber auch 3D-Elemente zu bearbeiten.