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The Wassmer - group is a strong machinery and production line manufacturer which is specialised in cutting, milling, drilling and grinding technics. The company offer since 1978 solutions for the different segments of the market. 

Wassmer offer complete solutions and guarantee the service for them world wide. Before Wassmer machines are delivered, the complete instalation is erected in the Wassmer factory and so start up problems are eliminate. The costumer machine people can be instructed during this activity. This guarantee a short start up period and the production beginn in a short period of time.

Wassmer have the know how and competence to elaborate at any time an costumer related solution and the execution of them.

Quality assurance

The machines and systems are fully assembled and tested before being delivered. No system leaves the plant without having undergone a preliminary acceptance check by the customer, whether it’s an off-the-shelf machine, a fully automated line or a customized system. The production of special purpose-built machines demands a high level of skill from our staff. These are all trained specialists who manufacture and assemble the parts, component groups and complete systems in the various departments. Quality is monitored and rigorously documented throughout the process.

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