Surface grinding machine Liner 2000

Surface grinding machine Liner 2010

As a specialist and market leader in grinding technology for ordinary and fine ceramics, the Wassmer Group constantly takes on new challenges.  The enormous technical bandwidth for cement-bound building materials in the brick industry and in the refractory industry delivers numerous synergy effects, particularly when it comes to machining technology, feed and transport systems, tools and grinding dust disposal.  Wassmer’s surface grinding machine sets new standards in the machining of lining bricks. The first grinders with 700mm diameter tools were put on the market back in the 1990s. At first they had a single-stage operation, but this could be expanded to two-stage operation, i.e. with four tools in total. Even then Wassmer was already producing modular systems to meet the growing requirements of the products. Developments in the last few years have seen demand for systems with three-stage operation, i.e. six tools in total. Tool diameters have increased to 1100mm, delivering longer service lives and availability.  With several monitoring functions, the user-friendly control system ensures that the complete system operates smoothly and reliably.



Technology and advantage

Acting from above, the patented roller lever pressure unit holds the masonry bricks on the feed conveyor and compensates for a difference of up to 15mm from one brick to another.  The feed speed depends on the material, the oversize and how much material is to be removed by each tool.  The grinding tolerance adjustment facility ensures that the bricks always have the same specified size. This is achieved firstly by automatic adjustments for the wear on the tools. The wear is displayed on the control system and tool change alerts are given. Secondly, every brick is measured and the actual size displayed on the screen.