Wassmer Brick Rectifying Machine THE ORIGINAL

Several time has elapsed since the Wassmer Group made the brick grinding marketable in the 90s due to their brick grinding machines DFS-04.
Brick grinding has evolved since then, consequently the modern Wassmer brick grinding machines do not look very similar to the first models of well-functioning machines.
Due to the improved design, the practice driven development of important construction details as well as the technical progress the latest generation of Wassmer brick grinding machines is still the most productive, most energy efficient, safest and user-friendliest machine of her time and justly still point of reference.

We hereby inform you regarding some important news, that may not be eye-catching, but yet making a difference:

Patented Width setting for grinding of all formats.
        Customized solutions are available as well

Centralized Aspiration Technology for a safe grinding
        dust evacuation and a clean machine

Grinding wheel diameter 1100mm for optimal cooling,
        long service and life time and unique dust guidance.

Arbor bearings for smooth and exact course, tooth belt
        transmission driven by a norm motor – less installed
        power and lower maintenance costs.

Patented actual size and tool wear detection through
        coding wheels

Robust advance tooth belts with absolute synchronism

The modular concept allows from one to three stages all
        types of solutions adapted to your requirements.

Cutting-edge machine concept for reduced servicing and
        maintenance expenses

Remote diagnosis and maintenance of electronic components
        and controls 

Additional options such as pre-rectifier, tool cleaner, ground material recording or brick humidification can be added subsequently at any time according to the operation purpose. Centralized lubrication and double layer grinding are parts of the base equipment.
The experience collected from more than 80 delivered machines and the continuous, coherent development in close collaboration with our customers make the modern generation of brick grinding machines, the Liner 2000, a practical and well-proven machine from a manufacturer with a high in-house-production depth. The Wassmer Group can moreover help you with the necessary conveying and transportation devices to integrate the line into your factory.

A replacement of your existing grinding machine by a Wassmer Liner 2000 or Liner 2010 pays within a short period of time.

The original Wassmer Brick Grinding Machines are still unrivalled; we will gladly execute grinding tests on your bricks.

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