Flexibility and yield

Chipping, double and single shaft cutting on one machine.

- higher yield and shorter setup times
- servo motors adjust saw blades in seconds
- optimized cut for every block: saw blade diameter adjusts to height of cut
- reduced energy and tool costs
- modular construction allows for retrofitting at all times to meet changing needs


The saw blades can be fully retracted up and down away from the cutting area

- malfunctions are easily rectified

Cutting quality

The height of the lower and upper saw shafts can be set to the centre of the product for double shaft cutting.

- centre cut line and visually perfect results
- cutting force is evenly distributed


Chipper integrated into machine.

- reduced footprint
- no edge waste conveyor
- high level of process reliability


The chain conveyor belt provides for precision cutting guidance and reliable feed function, even when using green, wet or frozen wood.

- guarantees exact size quality and high yield

Cost effectiveness

Saws not in used can be retracted away from the process
- reduction in energy costs
Electric - instead of hydraulic - actuators
- reduction in energy and maintenance costs
Uses commercially available saw blades
- reduced tool costs and free choice of suppliers
Compact machine design
- reduced footprint and low modification costs
Change saw blade diameter for smaller kerfs
- reduced energy costs - greater yield

Technical datas