Band Resawing Machine WTS 1100/1300/1600

The Wassmer band resawing machine is characterized by an extremely
stable construction. The lateral suspension allows the machining of large timber with comparatively small running wheels. This allows the use of thin saw blades, which minimize the cutting waste and require less energy. The mechanical blade tensioning is maintenance-free, independent of temperature and adjusts to length changes immediately without delay. Modern low-wear pressure guides guarantee a precise cut. The saw wheels are stress relief annealed and are precisely ground and balanced and the support bearings are self-aligning roller bearings. The wheels are cleaned with scrapers and impregnated felt. No foundation is required and the required load bearing capacity of the floor is about 1500 kg/m2.



Technical Datas WTS 1100

- Saw roller diameter 1100 mm
- Saw roller width         160 mm
- Cutting height maximum 500 mm
- Saw blade measurements          
       - Width 180 mm
       - Thickness 1.2-1.3 mm
       - Length about 7570 mm

- Saw motor output     45 kW
- Complete with feed drive
- With 2 x 2 feed rollers
- Feed up to     120 m/min.
Dependent on wood species and cutting height

- Maintenance-free saw blade tensioning
- Maintenance-free pressure guide