Software and control unit provides for manual and automatic operation.

- sectional drawings and lists predefined for automatic operation
- quick to operate in manual mode - simply click on block and board thicknesses on screen


Torsion braces and free-standing machine stands.

- precision cutting as a result of increased tensile stress on saw blade
- easy blade changeover - no need to re-adjust the saw wheel
- no special foundations necessary

Cutting quality

Penetration depth of clamping claws is adjustable.

- less damage to surface- fewer rejects
- superb cutting quality due to distortion-free clamping
- high level of safety
Feed via triple chain strand
- no vibration on startup 



High cutting speed provided by high precision steel saw wheels.

- superb cutting performance at speeds of up to 100m/sec
- easy to adjust for different species of wood and conditions
- high level of safety due to steel wheels
- considerably longer service life of saw blades



Log carriage uses linear guides instead of wheel guidance.

- high precision feed - reduced cutting allowance
- minimal wear - low maintenance cost
- protected against contamination
- no irregularity during sawing operation - superior cut surface


Cost effectiveness

Electric - not hydraulic - actuators.
- reduced energy and maintenance costs
No special foundations necessary.
- lower cost for premises, maintenance and cleaning
Long service life of saw blades and short changeover times.
- lower tool and maintenance costs


Technical datas