Head end measurement

The head end of the log that has been turned into position and clamped on the log carriage is measured before the first saw cut. The shape of the log shows up on the operator screen. A proposed sawing pattern is projected thereon. The cross sections have been activated previously by the operator, so that only these are considered for the optimizing.
The operator accepts the proposal and starts the sawing process. All saw cuts are carried out automatically until a log turn is needed. The operator turns the log manually. Further saw cuts are carried out automatically. This is repeated up to the completed sawing of the log. 
Intermediate measurements are possible, so that you can adapt to changing log qualities.
Further measurements of the second head end and the length allow economic result interpretations.
- Economic measurement for your log band saw as a support for the operator
- Automated sawing operations for your band saw
- Quantity and yield rate calculation
- User friendly software
- Possible further measurements in case of variable quality 
- Can be used with any log band saw
- Easy installation