Moscow:ENERGOPROM Group announces the launch of an automated production line for machining of graphitized electrodes. The equipment was manufactured and supplied by Wassmer Spezialmaschinen GmbH (Germany).

The equipment configuration based on the highest quality standards includes machining units and control centers. The new machining technology ensures stability of the external parameters of the finished electrode.
The new machining line will be used to process 100% of all graphitized electrodes with diameter exceeding 300 mm.

“Installation of the new equipment is another important step in implementing our long-term program for modernization of the production line at the Novocherkassky electrode plant. The program is aimed at improving quality of graphitized electrodes of UHP and HP grades and boosting production volumes to 49 000 ton annually, as set in our strategic plans”, commented Sergey Ulyanchenko, Director for Production and Technical Development.
The modernization program also envisages installation of mixers produced by the German manufacturer of industrial processing machines Eirich, as well as LWG furnaces and automated hearth furnaces manufactured by the leading German producer of kiln plants Riedhammer.
Background information:
ENERGORPOM Group is one of the leading companies of the non-oil-and-gas sector of the Russian economy. It is part of the Renova Group. The company conducts business on a global scale exporting more than 50 per cent of its products. The Group ranks among the top five world manufacturers of carbon and graphite products. The company controls three electrode plants: in Novocherkassk, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk which specialize in production of high-quality electrode and cathode products. The Group’s innovative subsidiary Doncarb Graphite is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemical equipment and graphite materials for the use in corrosive environment. The Group’s products are widely used in aluminum, steel, silicon, ferroalloys, chemical, nuclear, engineering, aerospace, electronic and energy industries.

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