Ceramitec 2015 Munich

The International Trade Fair Ceramitec in Munich is over and the follow-up is in progress. The Wassmer Fair participation was a big success: The number of talks and contacts remained approximately constant compared with the 2012 edition. Yet the number of concrete projects that have been discussed and that are still followed is higher than 2012. We are grateful for the fact, that many deciders visited the Wassmer booth themselves in person. This means that the visitor quality and willingness to invest grew higher.


The Wassmer Group thanks all visitors and wishes good business.

Music and Machines

Upon request of the band leader Jochen Schwörer the Wassmer group gladly offered their production premises to his local band JOsApartment as location for the shooting of the video to their song “Lead me “

We thank all participants for the thrilling and interesting hours in our manufacturing premises.

Patented High Speed Roughing / Demonstration

The roughing tests on many different materials are in course and we are obtaining important data regarding speed and time saving possibilities.
Almost all world market leaders came to satisfy their curiosity whether Wassmer would be able to keep the promises made regarding the productivity of the roughing machine.
The results are in fact surprisingly positive and in some cases beyond expectations.

Wassmer convinces African Wood Processing Company

A leading wood processing company from Sudan decided in favor of a Wassmer Band Resaw Line. The sturdy build, the high feed rate and the friendly and competent Wassmer Service since the very first contact turned the balance. The Line has yet been successfully approved by the customer and is going to be shipped soon to Sudan.


Moscow ENERGOPROM Group announces the launch of an automated production line for machining of graphitized electrodes. The equipment was manufactured and supplied by Wassmer Spezialmaschinen GmbH (Germany).

6 Sides Grinding Line for vibrocast blocks

This line grinds 6 sides of huge format blocks up to 2,50m in fully automatic mode. The blocks are positioned by crane of forklift, then automatically measured, ground on 6 sides and conveyed. The grinding machine grinds 3 sides in one step. This cuts machining times dramatically. The machining precision regarding dimensional accuracy, square and surface obtained with these machines is worldwide leading. 

New machining process for fused cast blocks

With a new concept in processing fused cast or pressed materials for glass melting units we now are able to remove unevenness up to 5 mm on the fused- and up to 10mm on the pressed blocks in roughly 3-4 min. This scrubbing metod cuts off at least 30min. of machining time per block.  After this operation the blocks’ remaining oversize of about +0,5mm will be finished with a finer grid.

Wassmer grinding machine RHI Trieben

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New CNC-Processing Center 04/2013

In the factory Heitersheim a new processing center for medium sized parts goes into operation.

New employees

We welcome our new employees in the production and assembly.

New turning center

The turning shop section has invested in a new turning machine with driven tools. Commissioning will take place in January 2012.